Why you should disrupt your thinking on ecommerce fraud protection

There’s nothing more important in ecommerce than the ability to adapt quickly. The needs and demands of both your customers and your business change all the time, and to stay competitive a company [...]

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Customers Choose Forter: Best Mobile Fraud Prevention - and Here's Why

Shoshana Maraney
by Shoshana Maraney • July 12, 2017

Awards, Mobile

Forter is honored to have been chosen as the Best Mobile Solution - Customers Choice in the CNP Awards 2017. The Customer Choice awards are decided by restricting the voters to clients using the [...]

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Forrester study finds 229% ROI from Forter’s Decision as a Service®

Forter clients experienced 229% ROI - from a combination of business benefits and cost reductions. That’s the finding of a commissioned TEI study from Forrester Consulting.

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Ecommerce Fraud in the Travel Industry

Noam Marko
by Noam Marko • May 25, 2017

Everybody likes to take a vacation, leaving behind everyday worries and spending some time at a great resort, visiting famous sites or enjoying a luxurious hotel. The affordable prices in much of [...]

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Mother's Day and Online Fraud Detection

Shoshana Maraney
by Shoshana Maraney • May 11, 2017

Holidays, online fraud

Fraud and theft are probably not the first things you think of when you think about Mother’s Day. For most people, there’s no connection at all. If you're an e-commerce merchant, though, there is [...]

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Ecommerce Fraud Protection and Refugee Flights

“My name is Daria and I run my business from Kiev airport. Well, to be more accurate, I run the real part of my business online. But the airport is the best part of my day, not just because this [...]

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Ecommerce Fraud Protection Data: Domestic Fraud & ATO Are Up

Shoshana Maraney
by Shoshana Maraney • February 28, 2017

Online Fraud Attacks, Research

Online fraud professionals beware - there are challenges ahead.

It will come as no surprise to experienced ecommerce fraud protection pros to learn that 2016 was a difficult year from the fraud [...]

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Omnichannel Fraud: Detecting the Click and Collect Fraudster

Click and collect is increasingly popular. What was notable only a year or two ago as a development in the way people shop has become a standard option many consumers expect to see at checkout. [...]

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2016: A Year of Online Fraud & Fraud Detection

Do Cyber Criminals worship the devil?

We have no idea, but eCommerce fraudsters did generate precisely 666k attacks against merchants protected by Forter's fraud detection during 2016.

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Fraud Protection and Information Security: The Hidden Risk

Michael Reitblat
by Michael Reitblat • December 19, 2016

Automation, Manual Reviews

Data breaches are a menace, and manual reviews in fraud prevention are making your company more vulnerable. You can read this white paper to find out more - but first, let's set some context.

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