NYPAY Recap: Emerging Fraud Techniques and the Need for Technology-Driven Fraud Prevention

On Tuesday August 14th, fraud and payments professionals gathered in the heart of New York City to discuss some of the emerging approaches that criminals are using to commit e-commerce fraud. On [...]

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Demystifying Fraud Prevention Buzzwords

Whether you work in the online fraud prevention and payments space, or simply work for a brand that has a technology focus, chances are you’ve heard the following words buzzing around the office: “

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How Automation Can Help Protect Customer Data

With a new breach occurring every day, customers feel vulnerable and expect merchants to protect their data. Account security could be the difference between a lifelong customer and a one-time [...]

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Announcing the 2018 Fraud Attack Index

E-commerce and fraud prevention professionals often get caught up in the daily bustle of catching fraudsters. As important as this work is, it is just as vital to be able to step back and take a [...]

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Can You Catch the Father's Day Fraudsters? Take Our Quiz

Becca Gomby
by Becca Gomby • June 07, 2018

Customer Experience

The path to the perfect online shopping experience isn’t always easy, especially when fraudsters are looking to exploit an uptick in retailers’ online traffic during the Father’s Day season.

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Real-Time Automation & AI: How New Technology Expands the Role of the Fraud Manager

Technology and most especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), is innovating and developing at lightning speed. For some, these strides in innovation have caused concern that machines may (in the [...]

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Are you GDPR-Ready?

You may have recently heard the acronym GDPR buzzing around your office lately. Some of you may have smiled and nodded, feigning interest or understanding. Well, now is the time to get interested. [...]

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Valentine's Day Flavors of Fraud

Just like life, fraud is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. In honor of Valentine's Day, and in the hopes of better keeping your online shopping experience [...]
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2018 Forbes Fintech 50 


Last year was a huge year for Forter, we tripled our consumer base and sextupled our transaction volume, making us larger than any merchant outside of Amazon by scale, and this year is [...]

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