The Post-EMV Fraud Tsunami: 101 Guide for Online Retailers

The payments world has been talking about EMV adoption for years. The UK adopted EMV back in the early 2000s, and more than 60 countries have followed suit since then. The US is currently the only [...]

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A psychologist, a criminologist and a biologist do anti-fraud

Michael Reitblat
by Michael Reitblat • March 19, 2015

Forter News

No, it's not the beginning of a joke. It's a reflection of the diversity of background and training that can be found at Forter. As our CEO, Michael Reitblat, explained in a recent interview with [...]

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The Changing Face of Fraudsters

Fraudsters aren't what you think.

Most people have an image in their minds when they talk about professional fraudsters. They think of a guy, usually a young guy, in a small, quiet room, in front [...]

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Fraud in the 50 States

Does the state you live in impact your closeness to fraud? Yes, it does - and generally for clear and understandable reasons. States that receive a high number of fraudulent packages, for example, [...]

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