Oded Ungar
by Oded Ungar • April 05, 2016

delivery.com caters to customers in a hurry. People who want food, beverages, groceries or laundry delivered don't want to wait for confirmation of their order or for its fulfillment.

delivery.com invest tremendous effort into making sure that they provide the best, smoothest and simplest service possible. The result is a lot of happy and enthusiastic customers.

All of this is great for both delivery.com and their consumers, but there was a catch.

The Problem

Prioritizing speed and customer experience was just as popular with fraudsters as with good customers. Online criminals realized that they could take advantage of delivery.com's consumer-centric policy to make orders which were eventually charged back, so that delivery.com shouldered the cost.

Manual review wasn't an option for delivery.com. When you want to get an order out the door in 8 minutes flat, you can't afford to spend 5 minutes on average reviewing an order that might or might not be genuine.

But simply approving everything was too costly for the business. You might not expect that fraudsters would bother stealing food, but they do. Why pay for your pizza if you have some money left on a stolen card?

The Solution

The solution to delivery.com's dilemma had to be real-time. As Colin Sims, delivery.com's COO put it, "In our business, you’re instant or you’re out of pocket."

That meant a fully automated fraud prevention system, one which cut out all manual reviews. Forter's Decision as a Service™ offers precisely that. Every single transaction receives an instant, guaranteed approve/decline decision.

Moreover, since Forter's system is designed to treat customers as "innocent unless proven guilty" approvals are always high. In fact, Forter only charges for approved transactions, ensuring that vendor/retailer goals are consistently aligned.

The accuracy of the system, which leverages machine learning, behavioral analytics and cyber intelligence, all guided and refined by human expertise and research, means that chargebacks are low. Any that do occur are covered by Forter's fraud chargeback guarantee.

The Result

delivery.com now has the best of all worlds. Forter's Decision as a Service™ fraud prevention is great for them, and great for their customers. Here are the highlights:

  • An astonishingly high approval rate: 99.5%. That’s almost as high as when delivery.com waived the option of declines!
  • A 69% decrease in chargebacks - a tremendous improvement.
  • Any fraud chargebacks that are received are covered by Forter under the company’s 100% guarantee.
  • Best of all, absolutely no friction, for a great customer experience.

The Resonance

delivery.com's story has obviously resonated with a range of audiences. The NRF published an article about it online and in STORES magazine, and Internet Retailer,  PYMNTS and Retail TouchPoints also covered it. It's no surprise that the real impact of real-time fraud prevention has uncovered a true merchant need. As we learned at the awards last month, automation is becoming essential.

If you'd like to read more about how real-time, fully automated fraud prevention helped delivery.com to combine excellent customer experience with highly accurate fraud prevention, check out the case study.