Mobile is the Word, is the Word…

Mobile is the word on everyone’s lips. Office kitchens are buzzing with questions of who has the latest smartphone, what the camera and hardware specs may be, and how best to mount a proper [...]

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Forter's 2017 "Best-of" Edition!

As we ring in the New Year and look forward to the incredible developments 2018 will bring, let’s take a look back at the best-of 2017 for Forter and our customers.

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New Year, New Fraud Solution

If you are like millions of other people on the planet, you too probably made a New Year’s resolution to kick off 2018. Just like losing those extra holiday lbs., we here at Forter want to help [...]

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The 2017 Fraudster Wish List: Holiday Fraud Attack

The 2017 holiday season is a big one for e-commerce — the first time that online shopping is set to overtake physical stores. Retailers need to scale their operations on every level, including [...]

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False Positives in Fraud Prevention; and How to Stop Them

Many times in life, the discovery of a false positive can be a relief, even a joy. Maybe a frightening medical test came back positive, but was later found to have been a 'false positive' - a test [...]

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Handling the Holiday Hurry: Ecommerce Fraud Prevention

Shoshana Maraney
by Shoshana Maraney • November 02, 2017

Holidays, online fraud

For the very first time, online shopping is set to attract more holiday shoppers than physical stores. The same is true for holiday dollars: the Deloitte study predicted that while last year saw a [...]

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Equifax, E-Commerce, and What it means for Online Fraud Attacks

The Equifax data breach has been making headlines, and it’s no surprise. As our CEO Michael Reitblat discussed with Retail TouchPoints, 143 million Americans have had their data stolen, as well as [...]

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Fraud Protection: Creating Value for Online Merchants and Customers

For years, online retailers tasked their fraud departments with doing one thing and doing it well: stopping fraud. Recently, a wind of change has been blowing some new perspective into this narrow [...]

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Mobile Commerce Means Mobile Fraud

We live in a world where the 7.3 billion people on the planet now have an estimated 3.4 billion smartphones. 70% of the U.S. population has a smartphone, and they're using them: Mobile commerce is [...]

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