Equifax, E-Commerce, and What it means for Online Fraud Attacks

The Equifax data breach has been making headlines, and it’s no surprise. As our CEO Michael Reitblat discussed with Retail TouchPoints, 143 million Americans have had their data stolen, as well as [...]

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Holiday Fraud Prevention: Stop Rejecting Customers

If holiday shopping is hard work for buyers, it's a marathon race for retailers - and that's true for online retailers as much as for merchants in physical stores. There’s another group of people [...]

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Presenting the 2015 Fraudster Holiday Wish List

Almost everyone shops a lot at this time of year, and that's true for thieves as well as honest buyers. Forter's analysts took a look at the data and identified the 18 items most popular with [...]

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Why Local Context Matters in Fraud Prevention and Detection

E-commerce is often thought of as a global business, and there are good reasons for that: for many, one of the attractions of buying and selling online is that the world is your oyster. In fraud [...]

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Why Luxury Retailers Can't Afford Fraud Prevention That's Only Average

The seven largest US luxury retailers spent $71 million collectively last year on holiday ad spending, roughly a quarter of their overall ad budget for the entire year (Schullman Research Center [...]

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How To Be a Fraud Analyst

Gilit Saporta
by Gilit Saporta • June 03, 2015

Advice and Expertise

Lifehacker recently published a great interview with one of our wonderful fraud analysts, Gilit Saporta. If you've ever wondered what fraud analysts really do, this is your chance to find out!

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Global Fraud: The International Perspective

Fraud Around the World

It's all too common for US online retailers to avoid encouraging international business out of fear that the pros of a wider market, higher visibility and more sales will be [...]

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Know The Enemy: When and Why Crooks Like to Operate Online

Fighting fraud is a constant battle. Knowing as much about the opponents as possible is key to making sure that they never get ahead. At Forter, we’re constantly analyzing our data to reveal new [...]

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The Post-EMV Fraud Tsunami: 101 Guide for Online Retailers

The payments world has been talking about EMV adoption for years. The UK adopted EMV back in the early 2000s, and more than 60 countries have followed suit since then. The US is currently the only [...]

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