Mobile Fraud Prevention & The Dark Side of M-Commerce

Mobile commerce now represents 30% of all U.S. e-commerce, and it is predicted that in 2015 m-commerce will grow nearly three times faster than U.S. e-commerce overall.

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Online Fraud: No Technical Ability Required

Earlier this year, there were a lot of reports about FraudFox, a piece of software developed to allow criminals to avoid browser fingerprinting without having to manually make any fundamental [...]

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Global Fraud: The International Perspective

Fraud Around the World

It's all too common for US online retailers to avoid encouraging international business out of fear that the pros of a wider market, higher visibility and more sales will be [...]

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Know The Enemy: When and Why Crooks Like to Operate Online

Fighting fraud is a constant battle. Knowing as much about the opponents as possible is key to making sure that they never get ahead. At Forter, we’re constantly analyzing our data to reveal new [...]

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Why Do Criminals Like Elite Cards?

Who do you ask if you want to know about fraudsters? Well, you could try talking to one, but you couldn't be sure they were telling you the truth! A more reliable source of information is the data [...]

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The Changing Face of Fraudsters

Fraudsters aren't what you think.

Most people have an image in their minds when they talk about professional fraudsters. They think of a guy, usually a young guy, in a small, quiet room, in front [...]

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Fraud in the 50 States

Does the state you live in impact your closeness to fraud? Yes, it does - and generally for clear and understandable reasons. States that receive a high number of fraudulent packages, for example, [...]

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